How to Define Muscles after Bulking?

So why do you go to the Gym? Seriously. One goal of body building is to build muscle, of course. This is why we do it. But only few – if any – body builders want to look like big hulking bears. What we want instead are nice big muscles, clearly defined and toned. In this post I will explain a little how to achieve that.

You see, there are a lot of myths about how to define muscles once they have been bulked up. So you are finished eating your proteins and other powders, maybe used an occasional bulking agent and you already look great, but a little fluffy maybe even fat. Now it’s time to get those muscles in a really nice ripped shape.

Contrary to popular belief the secret to toning, defining, or cutting muscles does not lie in the type of weight lifting that you do. The type of lifting you do might impact the size of your muscles, but it won’t really impact how cut and defined that your muscles appear.

For example, you can use free weights or machines. You can do your reps fast or slow. You can do more reps with a lighter weight or less reps with a heavier weight. No matter what you do, that lifting builds and maintains muscle, but it is not the solution for muscle definition! The type of lifting only effects the size and bulk, but it doesn’t really effect the cut.

What is The Secret To Cut Muscles?

So you already know how to build up bulky muscles, but aren’t sure how to define those muscles for a truly attractive physique. Is it even possible to cut muscle, or are some men just naturally prone to developing bulky looking muscles and look like old retired bodybuilders?

I don’t take no for an answer, so here’s what you need to focus on for increased muscle definition:

First of: Start with a good amount of muscle!

The more muscle that you have, the easier time you should have with cutting and muscle definition. You really need some weight and bulked up mass so that you can work with it. It’s like you are a sculptor of your own body. Then it is time to really do the next secret of getting ripped, which is:

Second: Reduce fat

Here’s the secret. The one thing covering your muscles and making them look ‘fluffy’ is fat. Being ripped means your body fat is under 10%. That is a good average and it might be different for you. It depends on your muscles and the way your body is built. Some people look ripped at 15% and some at only 7%.

For all of them, the only secret is to lose fat. You must reduce the percentage of fat on your muscle in order to have beautiful, defined muscles.

And you can do that with a good diet and some pills to pop.

Third: Do NOT stop working out

Perfect Biceps

Don’t forget how important this is!

You still need to workout, and probably the same amount just as when you were eating 4,000 calories even though you reduced your calorie intake to 1,800 or 2,000 now. Don’t starve yourself to death and if you feel dizzy or bad just consult your personal trainer, but generally you should be able to pull of couple of weeks with less calories than usual.

And in the gym concentrate on strength training along with cardio!

How To Lose Muscle Fat Through Diet

It might seem sexist, but women seem to have a lot more experience dieting than men do. That’s why fat tends to creep up on guys. They lack the experience to deal with it, and most guys who lift weights are embarrassed to ask their mom or girlfriend about it, even if they should.

The fact is you ought to be careful with diets. Because if you do it wrong, it might just happen that the diet eats up your muscles first. You know the body works with what it has, and fat is kind of a “winter storage” for your body. So once you start dieting the wrong way, your body will first burn up the usable tissue it has, which is often muscles. And only later it will go into the burning the “backup plan” aka. burning fat. Make sure you get your diet recipes from a reliable bodybuilding source.

Check this out: eating healthy fats doesn’t make people fat, and this is the first thing to learn. Sure, consuming a can of lard will probably give you a heart attack. But you need to consume a moderate amount of healthy fat to stay healthy. Besides, fat makes food taste good. If you’re going to eat fat, choose healthy fats like olive oil. Also, a modest amount of butter every day won’t hurt and will probably help.

What does make guys fat? These days, most nutritionists agree that sugar and other sources of processed carbs are the worst culprit. Not only do they add useless and empty calories, they may also trigger cravings that make us want to eat more sweets and starches. That means that sweets and processed starchy food should be saved for your birthday or something.

For a good “ripping” diet check this one out.


Replace these bad foods with good sources of lean protein and fiber, including legumes, nuts, and seeds. Consume a lot of products in whatever form you like. Low-fat dairy and lean meat or soy are also good choices. This is what your body needs to stay healthy, heal itself after a workout, and this is why you need to keep building muscles while you are losing fat.

Anyway, you shouldn’t have to starve in order to reduce fat. You may just need to enjoy a more sensible diet.

Use The Right Supplement for Cutting

You are on a diet, ok. That is already a nice start. However, very often it is far from enough. That is, if you want to achieve to be both big and cut. But lucky for you, there is a solution for that: the popular Clenbutrol as an alternative to fat burning clenbuterol is one of the supplements you might want to consider. Of course there are others too, and even a good mixture of several supplements – aka cutting stacks – is something a lot of people do these days.

Is This Advice The Same For Women?

There are women who are competitive weight lifters, and they may hope to bulk up. However, most women actually use lighter reps and more weights to produce lean muscles. Of course, some men do this too. Lean muscles can get cut too, but again the only really important thing is to reduce fat in order to define muscles. The leaner the muscles, the less fat you can have and still maintain that really cut and classic look.

The thing is, that women often try to lose weight for different reasons, and not to get the cut look. Well, except those gorgeous fit women we all fantasize about day in day out.

Get The Cut Look You Want

To recap, the point is to keep building muscles through your workout program, but start on a better diet and use the right supplement for cutting.

You shouldn’t just stop eating and don’t stop building and defining muscles now because you will need those bulky muscles to provide the basis. In fact, the more muscular  you are, the more likely that you are to be able to get that cut and lean look.

Work out sensibly for the look you want, and watch what you eat. If you have already put in the effort to build up bulky muscles, all you need to do is reduce fat to get that cut look you want.

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