Build Lean Muscles and Get Ripped

If you ever struggled to shed that fat and define your muscles, you will know: Getting ripped can be difficult. Amen to that.

What does getting ripped mean?

A lot of people want to get ripped but have no idea what it really is. To look like the poster guy. Like this one:

triceps workout getting ripped with supplements

In a nutshell, if you don’t want the whole scientific mumbo jumbo, being ripped means you have less than 10% body fat. It’s all muscles baby. So, to achieve this goal you will have to do some pretty amazing stuff, and to sacrifice a lot. But it’s worth it (again, just look at the picture).

So how does one get ripped?

There is one thing that you need first. You need to have muscles so that you can define them properly. If you don’t know how to do that, check this post.

If you are already okay with your defined muscles, then here’s the rule number one: Without proper nutrition in your diet, You are never going to get anywhere.

You see, muscles require specific vitamins and minerals in order to grow, so in order to have sustained energy, you also need to get a good amount of nutrients through your diet. But, the diet must be very specific because in the meantime you cannot move into the bulking phase, because that is only working on mass.

One of the most popular things to do in this case, is to take advantage of bodybuilding cycles. First bulking up, then cutting. The cutting phase refers to cutting calories, and basically means that you will lose weight because you work out hard and use up more energy that you take in.

Best Supplements to get Ripped

Apart from the diet you will be doing, a good choice of supplements is the “cutting stack” from CrazyBulk (picture below)


It contains the following agents to help you lose fat but maintain excellent muscular figure:

Anvalrol (Anavar) – gives you more power, and leaner muscles. Check the full review in this post.

Testosterone Max – more power, and still building muscles while not getting fat. Awesome stuff!

Clenbutrol – excellent for cutting, a powerful fat burner and thermogenic agent, full review here.

Winidrol – the alternative to a Winstrol sterid, used to boost performance, and create rock hard muscles.

Because virtually no one has the perfect diet and nutrition, it is recommended to supplement almost any diet with different vitamins and minerals in order to optimize your diet and increase your chances of effectively building muscles. You will also want to avoid “real” and often illegal steroids, because of its side effects and rather use a proven legal formula of Clenbutrol for example, or a combination of several products, the so called cutting stack. If your goal is to either get ripped, cut, or simply to build lean muscles, you are going to want to take a look at some of the tips we discuss below.

Finding the best supplements to add to your fitness regimen can be difficult. Is there anything that ain’t difficult? You might ask. But it’s the truth:

There are tons of different products on the market and it can be hard trying to distinguish the good products from the lousy ones. Let’s check some of the best types of supplements to look for depending on your fitness goals.

Other Supplements To Get Cut and Ripped

If your goal is simply to get ripped, you are going to want to take supplements that are going to increase your metabolism and help you gain lean muscle. It will also help if you are able to lose weight pretty fast.

1. Whey Protein Isolate

high-grade-whey-protein-80The single best supplement that you will want to take to achieve the best results for this goal would have to be whey protein isolate. You can opt for whey protein even if you are on a budget. This supplement is essential because protein is going to be the number one nutrient that will feed and help grow your muscles. While your body goes into catabolic phase because of your weight loss (catabolic means “losing muscles”), whey protein is supplementing this being an anabolic agent (meaning: it builds, or even more so, regenerates muscles).

So it is one of the important supplements to use if you don’t want to lose muscle mass while on strict diet or while in the cutting phase.

Whey protein supplements typically do not contain unhealthy simple carbohydrates, and this is the main reason why you are not going to gain any unnecessary fat from taking them. You will want to take this supplement before and after you workout for the best results. Not only is this supplement going to help you get ripped, but it is going to help build and sustain lean muscles.

2. Green Tea Extract

Green-tea-500mgGetting ‘ripped’ is likely going to require you to lose fat/weight. In order to do this, you will want to take supplements that are going to increase your metabolism which is your bodies rate at which fat is burned.

The good thing about green tea extract is that it is natural and contains epigallocatechin gallate, which is responsible for green teas terrific fat burning effects and benefits. By taking this supplement, you should be able to increase your metabolism and get ripped faster.

Green tea has been known for ages for it’s cleansing properties, fat burning ability and generally it is highly valued in any community that promotes healthy lifestyle. It’s one of the greatest things in the world.


The ideal supplements and stacks are going to vary depending on your fitness goals. However, the staples remain the same: If your fitness goal is to increase muscle mass whether lean or in general, you will need to supplement with protein. If you need to bulk up then read this post. You will also want to be sure that you get enough vitamins and minerals into your daily diet. The best way to do this is to take a high quality multivitamin from a reputable manufacturer. Check the reviews of the products that you are looking at and make sure that they are well received. The best products are going to have the best reviews and reputation in the industry.

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